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CellFac®Multi-Layer Cell Culture System

    *The culture device with monolayer or up to 10 layers can realize large-scale cell culture by one time
    *Available in surface treated or non-treated
    *The device is assembled by hydrophobic membranes with a aperture of 0.22 µm to avoid potential
    contamination in gas exchange
    *The device does not absorb cytokines and growth factors, and conventional trypsin digestion method is
    applied in cell harvesting
    *Strict integrity teste
    *Sterilized by gamma irradiation 
    *Non-pyrogenic & DNase/RNase-free

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    In the past ten years, due to the rapid development of biological products, the traditional method of obtaining biological products from animal tissues by biochemical technology has been far from meeting the needs of the market, and in vitro large-scale culture of animal cells which is applied to express specific proteins, monoclonal antibodies and interferon and product virus vaccine has become the most common technology currently.

    At present, the common methods of cell culture include conventional cell culture dish, plate, bottle, spinner bottle, bioreactor, etc. The above cell culture devices have the following serious defects: 1) the unit volume of cell culture vessel and apparatus provides a surface area for cell growth, cell growth density is low, the number of harvested cells in a single culture is low, and a large amount of materials, labor and time are needed in repeated cultures; 2) conventional cell culture dish, plate and bottle are all open type, so contamination is prone to happen in the process of liquid adding, inoculation and cell harvesting.

    The high-throughput cell culture apparatus developed by JET is made from medical-grade general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) that is a polymer (patent number: ZL201220167380.4ZL201220167162.0), and is an ideal tool for large-scale cell culture and the production of cellular drug.Product information