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JET CellSLIP® Cell slide

    With the continuous updating and rapid development of life sciences research, technical indexes analyzed and observed by cell culture experiment are increasing, and their covered fields are expanding. JET CellSLIP® Cell slide is a material of in vitro cell experiment achieved by adherent cells growing adherent to a certain solid surface (e.g., cover glass, slide glass) according to requirements for experimental research. HE staining and immunocy to chemistry of a large number of cell slides are often required in many research projects with massive samples and numerous indicators to be measured. However, routine cell slides used currently have serious defects. For instance, cell slides are prone to be damaged because they are made of glass; cell slides are difficult to control due to no handle; cells can grow in any part of the cell slide and their container when culturing, etc. JET cell slide and culture dish which is a patented product (patent number: ZL201520113833.9, ZL201420594580.7, ZL201420594259., ZL200610047607.0) solves various defects of existing cell slides and contributes to simple and easy operation of above experimental studies and application.

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    *The cell slide is made from PET, has high strength and is unbreakable;

    *Only the surface of the cell slide undergoes high hydrophilic treatment, so cells are easy to grow adherent to the cell slide; while other parts receive hydrophobic treatment, thus cells are difficult to grow

    *There are 2 specifications with different diameters: 8 and 10mm; the number of cell slides with single dish:12/18/32/45.

    *Transparency and light transmittance of the cell slide are good; therefore, cells can be clearly observed under a light microscope and a fluorescence microscope

    *The specific set structure of the cell slide can realize the development of multi-factor, multi-index and multi-level in vitro study under the same conditions, resulting in accurate and reliable research results

    *Cell culture once can prepare multiple cell slides for different studies and objectives, increasing work efficiency

    *The handle of the cell slide tilts with a certain angle, which is convenient for operators to directly clamp. The handle is engraved with numbers, facilitating identification

    *The product and forceps for the cell slide are both sterilized with gamma ray, and should be used immediately after opening

    *DNase and RNase-free