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Disposale Virus sampling tube

    It is composed of nylon staple fiber villus head and medical grade PP plastic rod, which is 3 times
    higher than the traditional swab sample collection and release, ensuring the survival rate of cell
    samples and no residual fatty acids, which will not affect the experimental detection effect, and
    it is widely used in the field of gene detection.

    The JET BIOFIL sampling swab set consists of a swab and a liquid based cell preservation
    solution. After the swab is collected, the sample is stored in the liquid based cell preservation
    solution to ensure the DNA integrity of the sample, and can be transported and stored for a long
    time at room temperature.


    Cytology sample processing, virology cell culture, DFA test, elisa test, PCR test, molecular
    diagnosis, blight test, etc.

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    * Good sampling effect, sample collection and release up to 95%

    * Unique process, increase the comfort of the collector

    * Ethylene oxide sterilization, no inhibition to subsequent application

    * The folding point design on PP bar is saved according to different sample retention requirements.

    * Samples can be stored for 12 months at room temperature

    * The swab set is a combination of 1 piece of swab and 1 part of preservation solution, with one swab collection per person

    * Can be customized according to customer needs