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JET BIOFIL was successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, becoming the first listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Guangdong Province in 2020


On January 22, Guangzhou Jet Bio-Filtration Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The stock is abbreviated as "Jiete Bio" and the stock code is "688026", becoming the first science and technology innovation board in Guangdong Province in 2020. The listed company is also the second listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District. Diao Ailin, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Ye Weixiong, Deputy Mayor of Huangpu District, Shi Pengfei, Deputy Inspector of Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Li Guiyuan, Deputy Inspector of Guangzhou Financial Supervision Bureau and other leaders and guests attended the listing ceremony.

Jetbiofil is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of disposable plastic consumables for cell culture and related liquid handling biological laboratories. It has become a leader in the subdivision of disposable plastic consumables for biological laboratories in China enterprise. The number of shares in the public offering of Jiete Biotech is 25 million shares. The raised funds are mainly used for the expansion of biological laboratory consumables and technological upgrading and transformation projects, the construction project of national-level biological laboratory consumables enterprise technology center, marketing and logistics network expansion projects, etc. , in order to further improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation and large-scale manufacturing, consolidate and improve the competitive advantage of the industry, and contribute to the development of national biotechnology.

With the successful listing of Jiete Bio, the number of listed companies in Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District has reached 54, of which 2 are listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and the first listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Guangzhou has been cultivated for two consecutive years. In addition, there are 2 companies in the area that have been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for the registration of initial public offerings on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, 2 companies applying for the Science and Technology Innovation Board have been accepted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, 18 companies have undergone listing counseling filing, listed companies, filing companies, and counseling filing companies. They are the most in the city, effectively leading the city's STAR Market listing and even the development of the capital market.

Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District attaches great importance to the promotion of enterprise listing, continuously improves the whole chain service of enterprise listing, and vigorously creates a good environment for promoting enterprise listing.

The first is to strengthen the guarantee of the listing work mechanism. Established a system of linking leading cadres, forming a good working pattern of overall coordination of the district listing office and inter-departmental linkage to promote the listing of enterprises, establishing strategic cooperative relations and communication and docking mechanisms with domestic and overseas exchanges such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and New Zealand, and timely researching and solving the problems of listing enterprises. to the problem. The second is to strengthen the construction of the ecological chain of financial services. Build the "Angel-VC-PE-IPO" financial ecological chain, gather more than 400 angel, venture capital, and venture capital funds, with a management scale of over 90 billion yuan, and set up a "Huangpu Talent Fund" with a total scale of 5 billion yuan. Carry out direct government equity investment support of up to 30 million yuan, continue to superimpose capital support, and continuously enhance the motivation for listing. The third is to strengthen the construction of listing service efficiency. Established a multi-level listing service system of "Industry-financial Matching-Investment Roadshow-Listing Training-Industry Exchange", invited experts from various exchanges to investigate key listed companies for more than 100 times, and often organized and carried out "into the exchange" research activities, in order to connect The capital market provides more accurate, pragmatic and efficient personalized services. The fourth is to strengthen policy guidance and promotion. Innovatively introduced the "10 Financial Measures" support policies, giving companies a stage-by-stage reward of up to 6 million yuan, and introduced innovative financial support policies such as loan discounts, bond market financing discounts, and M&A expense subsidies to help enterprises reduce financing costs and promote enterprises to speed up The pace of listing.

In the next step, Guangzhou Development District of Huangpu District will strictly follow the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, closely focus on the general requirements of enhancing the ability of financial services to serve the real economy, comprehensively deepen the docking and cooperation with the Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong exchanges, and do a good job in promoting the listing of enterprises. Continuously enrich the dimensions of enterprise listing services, provide efficient and convenient channels for enterprises in the region to connect with the capital market, and promote the effective integration of the capital market and the real economy.